Importance of Regular Dental Care

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Keeping teeth and gums healthy has to do more than just regular brushing and flossing twice a day. We tend to underestimate how dental checkups are as important and significant as other medical checkups. Many people do the mistake of visiting a dental professional only when their oral health has deteriorated immensely or when they need an emergency treatment. This attitude ends up in you having to spend a huge amount of money on expensive procedures which could have been prevented by a regular dental visit.

It is recommended for you to visit your dentist at least once, and ideally twice a year. Not only will it save money in the long run, but will also detect some non-dental conditions that tend to have symptoms that appear in the mouth. Dental examination can reveal signs of various deficiencies, osteoporosis and even cancer, diabetes, HIV, amongst others.


What happens during the dental exam?

First, the soft tissues are checked for lesions, alongside the jaws and associated muscles. After this, the teeth are checked for cavities or broken fillings and other possible problems with the tooth. Every tooth is checked to make sure nothing is missed. Then the dentist will check gums and general oral hygiene to make sure there are no issues. The dentist may also take Dental X-Rays if needed. These show any hidden decay between teeth, gum diseases, problems with wisdom teeth and more. After the exam is done, the dentist will usually clean your teeth.


Numerous benefits that you can get out of regular dental care are:

Good Oral Health

Your teeth and gums are examined, and a thorough cleaning procedure is done so you can get a healthy, and clean smile. These visits ensure that you have proper oral health which helps eliminate any risks of gum issues, tooth decay or bad breath.


Oral Issues Detection

You could be spared a lot of dental issues if they are identified at an early stage. This is why, visiting your dentist on a regular basis is such a good idea. Your dental concerns will be answered and issues you never knew existed, will be solved before becoming an eerily complex issue.


Prevention of Gum Disease

If teeth are not taken care of for a long time, plaque and tartar accumulates which ends up increasing the chances of severe gum diseases and tooth decay, amongst many other dental problems. Regular teeth cleaning will remove any tartar or plaque that stays on even after brushing.


Good Physical Health

Having your teeth and gums regularly checked up can reveal signs and symptoms of additional health issues that you don’t even know about. Symptoms of many diseases like heart, diabetes, HIV, oral cancer can manifest in the mouth and can be an early indication of a particular disease.


Diabetes Control

People with diabetes are more susceptible of developing severe gum issues. Regular dental visits lowers the risk of having gingivitis, which then makes it easier to control blood sugar levels.


Oral Cancer Screening

Dental checkups include a screening for oral cancer and early detection can help increase chances of survival.


Cutting Out Surprises

By having your regular dental checkups, your communication with the dentist will let you have a better idea of not only your treatment plan, but also how much your dental insurance can cover. This will make sure you don’t have sudden surprises with your bill.


Helps Boosting Self-Esteem

Your smile plays an integral part in who you are, it has an important role of creating a good, lasting impression. Getting a regular dental care done will keep your teeth and gums healthy and will give you the confidence you are seeking for.


Helps with Sleep Issues

If you are having a difficult time trying to get a good night’s sleep, you might be suffering from sleep apnea, which is a common problem when there are pauses in breathing. If diagnosed, your dentist an provide you with a customized mouth guard to eliminate snoring and opening the airway.


Elimination of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common issue caused by poor oral hygiene, gum disease or particles of food stuck in between your teeth. Regular dental care helps with this and prevents it from occurring.


Avoiding Loss of Teeth

Periodontitis can result in destroying the bone which supports the teeth due to plaque. A thorough cleaning during your regular dental care, alongside a good habit of brushing and flossing, will keep the teeth healthy and strong.


At My Smiles Center in Joliet and Des Plaines, IL, our staff has some of the best treatment plans for any dental care issues, so if you have any queries, you can contact us via a call or just book an appointment online to ensure that you always have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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