Teeth Whitening

A dazzling white smile that radiates health! Nothing is more attractive than a bright, white smile and nothing is easier or faster than using tooth whitening to produce a fabulous smile!

Using a deep bleaching method allows us to control the results, producing consistently white smiles without the sensitivity caused by other methods. Deep bleaching can remove even the deepest discoloration from your teeth.

Often, teeth can become stained by certain foods and beverages, or may have yellowed over time. Deep bleaching goes deep into the enamel, completely removing any stains or yellowing and is able to produce even brighter, whiter results than laser-enhanced whitening methods.

Beautiful, long-lasting results are guaranteed with your personalized, custom treatment; whether done in-office or using one of our convenient at-home bleaching kits. The whitest teeth, the best results; teeth whitening will deliver!

One of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry is tooth whitening. Our teeth can start losing their natural white color, become dark, or develop marks and stains due to various factors. This is a common problem that may not be resolved by brushing the teeth. Tooth whitening procedure helps to whiten the teeth to an extent in a very simple and non-invasive manner.

Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills Tooth BeforeTooth Whitening After

Tooth whitening involves cleaning the extrinsic, superficial stains from the tooth structures, and improving the color of the teeth with the help of a chemical gel or solution. The procedure of tooth whitening has become so common that several over the counter solutions are sold in the marketplace today. The patient can buy such medications and perform the process within the comfort of his home. But the downside is that such tooth whitening procedures may not be very effective or long-lasting because of the weak concentration of the chemical used.

Even for a home-based tooth whitening solution, a better way is to do it under the supervision of a dentist. The dentist would prepare custom trays to fit the teeth of the patient perfectly. The whitening solution or gel would also usually have a better concentration to produce better results for the patient.

The most effective method of performing a tooth whitening procedure is to have it done as an “in-office” treatment. Here the dentist will perform the process directly at his office. He or she is able to use the highest concentration of the whitening gel because the circumstances are within his control at the office. At the same time, the dentist can use a combination of gel and halogen lighting, which is the latest technique for producing more effective and lasting results for the patients.

Therefore, the patient has various options for the tooth whitening procedure. Depending on his or her needs, the patient may opt for the best method and achieve a brighter and whiter smile.

Teeth Bleaching

We have chosen to use Deep bleaching for our whitening treatments because it offers our clients the kind of results we feel they deserve. Bleaching the teeth using custom-created dental trays and the stronger bleaching solution used by professional dentists, gives our patients the absolutely best results possible while protecting them from tooth sensitivity.

Using impressions of your teeth, our dentist can create custom-crafted dental trays that assure the perfect contact between bleaching gel and tooth surface. An in-office treatment is followed up by a course of at-home whitening and then the treatment is finished up in our office, making sure that even the deepest, most stubborn stains are lifted from the enamel.

The results of this controlled, careful treatment are amazing and our patients love the fresh, new look of their smile! A maintenance kit is provided to make sure your smile doesn’t lose its dazzle. We also like to recommend having a smiling whitening session before any cosmetic restoration such as inlays and onlays, porcelain veneers, or crowns and bridges to ensure a harmoniously bright smile.

For your convenience, we not only offer teeth whitening in the relaxing atmosphere of our homey and comfortable office, but also a very convenient at-home bleaching kit for those who may need just a light touch-up to their smile.

Who May Benefit From Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a convenient and non-invasive procedure to improve the color of teeth. Anyone who has dark, pale, stained, or discolored teeth may be a good candidate for tooth whitening. Discoloration or staining of teeth may occur due to various factors. With aging, the teeth are exposed to several pollutants in the environment, colors in the food products or strong aerated drinks from time to time. These can spoil the natural color of teeth over a period of time. So anyone suffering from poor colored teeth owing to such factors can benefit from teeth whitening.

Anyone who has been taking a certain medication that may cause the teeth to lose their natural color may also benefit from tooth whitening. There are patients who grow up using tetracycline. Especially if kids have taken tetracycline at the time of tooth development, or pregnant women have used tetracycline, chances are that such kids may suffer from stained teeth. Tetracycline has a tendency to stain the bones and teeth. These are deep stains that may not be removed fully with teeth whitening, but some improvement can be seen in patients with this problem.

Some people are addicted to heavy smoking. Tobacco smoke spoils the natural color of the teeth and makes them badly stained. Such people may also seek the benefits of tooth whitening process to improve the color of their teeth. Some amount of improvement can be expected in such patients as well with tooth whitening.

However, people with very sensitive teeth or suffering some allergy against the bleaching gels or solutions, may not be good candidates for tooth whitening. Such people should try for alternative solutions, or use the tooth whitening procedure under the direct supervision of a dentist.