Texas Smile Makeover Center

The essence of My Smiles Center is to provide patients like you with top-notch quality care. At My Smiles Center, we look beyond your teeth and see you for the individual you are and the “smile aspirations” that you have. We are focused on bringing you the very best practices in all the areas of dentistry that we work in. We go the extra mile to care for patients and to make sure that they are comfortable and feel well-cared for. After all, at My Smiles Center, patients are an integral part of our family. We appreciate and treasure this bond as we walk with you towards your “smile goals.”

We provide implant restorations with crowns and bridges in-house and follow your care from start to finish. If you have a dental emergency, we will prioritize ensuring you are seen as quickly as possible. My Smiles Center cares for both your dental health and your overall well-being. A thorough dental exam can uncover signs of oral cancer and other systemic illnesses. This extensive check can spot indicators that your primary care provider or specialist should be aware of.

Smile Design

Creating a new smile can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you will ever do! We all have a mental picture of our ideal smile; one that readily reflects our personality, our true inner self. Helping you to make that picture reality is the life’s work of a premiere dentist through legendary dental veneers and more.

Dental Veneers Beverly Hills Smile Design BeforeSmile Design After

We can help you embrace your smile with new and revolutionary advancements in such dental services as:

Your smile can be simply enhanced or completely made over. The specialized skills that our dentist has, not only through 40 years of hands-on experience but also through training with the prestigious Las Vegas Institute For Advanced Dental Studies, has resulted in the kind of superlative smiles that have his patients saying, “I just can’t wait for people to see my smile!”

Dentistry That Makes You Smile

Your smile consultation is time that is set aside exclusively for you. During this uninterrupted, unhurried conversation with the dentist, please feel free to talk with him about any of your questions, anxieties, problems, or concerns about any aspect of your treatment. Be assured that your feelings and views are very important to us and will be listened to with respect and consideration.

One of the most popular and successful procedures our patients ask for in remodeling their smile is dental veneers. This “instant orthodontic” solution can make significant cosmetic changes to the size, shape, and color of your teeth very conservatively and quickly, in only a few visits. Another bonus of these dental veneers is the “instant face-lift” that our patients get when the proper bite is restored and many wrinkles disappear.

Bonding also is a very quick and easy procedure that can solve such common problems as chips, cracks, or gaps between the teeth. Our new and exciting bonding materials can give a cosmetic makeover in one-day, no anesthesia appointments. Gum contouring reshapes the gum line into a beautifully aligned framework for your smile. Whitening can instantly bring back the brilliance to a smile that has been dulled by stains or the yellowing that comes with age.

TMJ treatment solves the painful and deteriorating problems that come from bite misalignment. Dental implants will permanently replace missing teeth with absolutely beautiful, natural-looking tooth restorations.

Unequaled experience and expertise, the latest and best in dental treatments, and caring, compassionate care; would you entrust your smile to anything less?

Service With and For a Smile

Whether you come to us for routine dental visits or are in need of extensive dental rehabilitation, our My Smiles dentist will work with you to achieve your ideal dental health and a smile you can be proud to have.

We are approachable and friendly. The patients at My Smiles Center are like family, and many of our new patients come as referrals from their friends who know us. Our team delights in the happiness our patients display when seeing their final results. We take pride in the various roles we play in providing new smiles to our new and established patients.

My Smiles Blog

My Smiles Center is happy to welcome you to our dental blog, where we will be posting information about how to take care of your smile, answering frequently asked questions, and keeping you up-to-date on the latest in the field of dentistry. While many patients understand oral health basics, reaching out with new and useful information is part of developing oral health knowledge and supporting strong, beautiful smiles for a lifetime. This blog helps our team meet this goal and better serve our valued patients.

A Place to Learn about Dental Health

We want you to smile confidently and enjoy all of the benefits of a healthy smile. The first step in creating lasting dental health is building knowledge of treatments, preventive routines, and understanding the value of visits to the dental office. We hope this blog helps you feel informed about what you’ll need to achieve improved dental health and minimizes any anxiety you may be feeling about visiting the dentist. we encourage patients to read through any and all posts and to browse the remainder of our website for more informative content about treatments and best practices.

If you’re interested in learning more about practice and team, we hope this blog will serve as a way to help you understand our patient care philosophy, services, and what you can expect when you visit us.

Please check back periodically to stay updated with the most recent news from our office. We’re excited to share this blog with new and prospective patients.